Our USDA certified organic family farm is located in north central North Dakota.  With 30+ years of sustainable farming experience, in 2005 we certified the small grains organic.  Three years later, after two years of study and practice of natural methods of herd health, we certified the Angus herd as organic, as well, in 2008.  We take seriously the stewardship of soil, livestock and wildlife.     

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We manage the pastures to utilize prime grazing for our primarily grass fed herd.  We set aside a number of yearlings to finish on oats alongside high quality hay. Of course, oats is more like a grass than it is a grain, so the health benefits are very nearly the same.  No corn or soy of any sort is ever used.  All feedstuffs come directly from our farm. Free choice minerals and kelp meal are natural supplements that help maintain good herd health.  The majority of the yearlings to finish are grass fed at this point.  As we seek to improve our grass finish technique, we encourage feedback from our customers.
Selling directly to the consumer is still new to us and we desire to have a healthy and pleasing end product.  Ninety five percent of our beef is certified organic and the five percent that is not, is due to technicalities in the treatment of health issues.  Antibiotics are never fed to the cattle, hormones are never used and all health treatments are natural unless the well being of the animal is in question.Our certified organic beef is organic from start to finish including processing. The most economical wrapping for beef is white butcher's  paper, but vacuum sealed packaging is available for an additional fee. Buying by the quarters, sides and halves, the customer has the option to individualize cuts and wrapping. The processor is  a USDA inspected facility.   

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